Why We Are Launching Safe Vision Texas

Girl With Light in Her EyesIf you believe ALL Texans should receive the right eye care, then join us at Safe Vision Texas.

Safe Vision Texas is a coalition of patients and physicians who support the mission of ensuring all Texans receive the right eye care by the right professional.

Patient safety starts with recognizing the difference between ophthalmologists, who are physicians, and optometrists, who are not.

Texas law protects patients by making sure that only ophthalmologists:

  • Perform eye surgeries (including laser surgery), scalpel procedures and administer injections in and around the eye.
  • Write prescriptions for narcotics when medical diagnosis and treatment require them.
  • Confirm and coordinate the medical care for any patient suspected of having glaucoma.

These critical safeguards are at risk because big-monied special interests are calling for Texas to lower the educational standards eye care professionals must meet before treating patients.

Putting lasers, scalpels, prescription pads or independent glaucoma management in the hands of optometrists, who do not have medical degrees and only a fraction of the training or experience, could put the eyesight of thousands of Texas at risk.