Laser Surgery

Anyone calling a laser surgery “simple” does not understand how the body works.

There is no such thing as a simple surgery, and that includes laser surgery — the laser is a high-tech scalpel. The cut is deep and permanent.

First, when treating glaucoma or cloudy/opaque eyes with lasers, the Physician needs to carefully focus the laser energy to structures within the eye that can be smaller than a human hair.

Missteps can lead to increasing eye pressure impacting the optic nerve, cataracts, damaged corneas, inflammation in the eye, conjunctivitis, and more. The energy of the laser can even create a shock wave that could cause retinal detachment.

In Oklahoma, which is one of the few states to allow optometrists to use lasers to address glaucoma, Medicare patients saw a 189% increase in the chance that they would require a second, repeated laser surgery in the same eye to address the same condition.