The Truth About Training


There are some groups who like to count mere hours as a measure of expertise.

The truth is, when you actually break down the numbers, the difference in training (and hours) for an ophthalmologist vs an optometrist is dramatic.

Did Your Doctor Go to Medical School?

Both professionals might wear white coats and go by the title of “doctor,” but the amount of training and education differs significantly between an ophthalmologist and an optometrist.

  • OPHTHALMOLOGISTS are medical doctors who have cared for patients in the hospital and intensive care unit during their training, and these experiences provide an irreplaceable and unmatched foundation for the clinical acumen necessary to recognize and capably manage patients and complications.
  • OPTOMETRISTS go straight from college to optometry school (not medical school) where their training focuses on primary eye care services such as examinations, refraction and contact lens fitting. They are not medical doctors or surgeons. “Optometry” translates literally to “the measurement of the eye.”