No Shortage of Ophthalmologists

There is no shortage of ophthalmologists in Texas.

2019 Texas Medical Board statistics show 1,670 licensed ophthalmologists in the state. This number has enjoyed a steady upward trajectory for decades.

The capacity to treat Texans medically is already there and is only getting better. Your average ophthalmologist treats 60-80 patients per day, a 20% increase compared to just ten years ago. Your average ophthalmologist supervises more staff than ever before.

Amazing new technologies and therapies are making every ophthalmology practice bigger and more efficient. For instance:

  • Today‚Äôs first-line eye drop treatment for glaucoma is considered a game-changer and can lengthen the interval between visits to the eye doctor, thus freeing up schedules.
  • Advances with cataract surgery also have reduced surgery times dramatically, allowing the ophthalmologist to perform more surgeries in a day.
  • These advances continue to make every ophthalmology practice more efficient, and more advancements are on the horizon.

The advent of new therapies coupled with the growth in ophthalmology workforce more than meets the needs of our booming population. The capacity is there and will continue to be there.

Lowering standards for medical training would be a disservice to patients and is simply not necessary.